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"I always recommend to people that they come for an intuitive reading session before beginning their personal, career, or business coaching process. I get a better read on people when I know as little about them as possible, a more "fresh" read. Plus, it gives people a chance to check me out without a longer commitment and, more importantly, a chance to be seen deeply, in some cases for the very first time in their lives.

I read people’s essential nature; their abilities, talents, gifts and potential. I see where and what blocks their authentic self or happiness or in a way that brings them pain. I mirror who and where they are, often with reference to their history or others in their life. It is about seeing the inherent beauty in each of us. Remembering how beautiful and sacred we all are is intrinsically transformative and healing.

I am taken to whatever is the primary block of my client's happiness and flow on the deepest level. I read the tectonic plates of their life, what is fundamental to the problem, but also what has shaped them, their lifetime of choices, what has determined their gifts, strengths, and beauty, and finally what needs to shift for them to re-access their happiness and their greatest potential. Because the reading goes to this foundational level from which all else grew in the client's life, all deeper questions the client had are already answered before we go to the questions period and they don't even have to ask. Also, because of the depth of connection, the reading is more of a healing than people realize until after the session. Many report that their reading was followed short term by deep relaxation and a satisfying nap, and long term, by rapid positive changes in their life.

It was deeply insightful, meaningful and the most effective life coaching session I have ever experienced. It provided clarity, as well as a blueprint or roadmap to follow in moving forward. I understand the gifts my maker gave me, and consciously understand and appreciate for the very first time, what I need to work on in my life, and how to go about making better, healthier life choices.
— Katherine, reading client

I do not predict creepy things, criticize, read thoughts, or tell people things they cannot handle. Common topics covered are job opportunities, achieving more harmonious relationships, healing the past, having the confidence to pursue one's dreams, and whatever is affecting one's health. I use my empathic ability in a grounded and ethical way that comes from 17 years as a personal counsellor. I do not use crystal balls, tarot cards or any other devices. My guest sits down in my office, gets comfortable and waits for a few minutes while I simply listen very deeply. Then I begin to share what I have intuited. Truly developed intuition doesn't require anything else to be accurate, powerful, and effective. The sessions are recorded so the recipient can relax in the intuitive counseling session without having to remember everything covered, and listen to the recording afterward when they want to. Sample questions are emailed in advance of the appointment to help alleviate any nervousness so the guest can focus on their reading experience instead. A reading will last at least six months, often one year, and for some several years before they require another session depending on how much has happened in the interim.

For those who enjoyed the experience and would like to come again, second sessions are a great opportunity to explore life issues more deeply, spiritual aspects of your life, or tackle new challenges and developments in your life.

Looking forward to reading for you,


All intuitive readings sessions are the first appointment of the day, so that Kate can have a fresh "read" on the person before the rest of the day's energies flood in.

Read others' experiences of having a reading with Kate. Can't decide whether you need a reading, a healing, or intuitive counselling? See the differences here. For those who would like to cultivate and harness their intuition for daily purposes, see Intro Learning.


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