Booking an Appointment

  • Kate's client hours are morning Thursdays-Sundays. Readings are the first appointment of the day.
  • She does not take evening appointments but weekends to accomodate those with Monday-Friday 9-5 schedules.
  • Her admin offers the first available appointment so there is no need to request something sooner. Likewise, there are rarely cancellations.


Rescheduling an Appointment

  • Rescheduling more than once may be subject to a $10 administrative fee.
  • Failure to give sufficient notice (five days for a reading, two days for a healing or therapy) may result in the full session fee being charged or an administrative fee of $10 if rebooking or non-booking depending on the circumstances.
  • These fees and policies will be gladly waived in the event of a serious emergency (ex. car accident, fire, serious medical etc.) for you and or someone under your care (elderly parent or child) with documentation.


Phone Calls

  • Kate is generally not available by phone in order to provide better quality service and learning. Emails are answered within 24 hours and usually faster and are the best way to reach Kate and the only way her appointments are booked.
  • Kate requires your phone number for booked appointments in the rare event she has an emergency and needs to reschedule or if you are running late or might be lost and she needs to call you to see where you are at and when you will arrive for an appointment.
  • Kate does do psychotherapy appointments for regular clients in the event of an emergency or if they are long distance (vacation etc.). For an emergency appointment, contact her by email to see when she can squeeze you in that day. Please note that booked emergency appointments are double the fee since she has to rearrange her busy schedule to accomodate you same day short notice. If the problem can be resolved within five minutes on the phone, the sesson time is free. Anything after that is prorated to the minute x2 including the initial 5 minutes. Calling her outside of 9-6pm is strictly prohibited. Call 311 for appropriate emergency numbers instead.



  • Please pay Kate in exact change as she does not have a change box in the clinic.
  • Kate has a very busy schedule so if you want extra session time, please be prepared to pay the extra amount prorated to the minute. Kate has been known to be generous with her time (when she has it) but please do not abuse her generosity and take extra time without understanding that it requires payment.



  • If you have a specific question, your best response will be given in a booked appointment.
  • If you wish to ask her a general question we recommend that you Like her Facebook page and ask it there. She will happily answer as many questions as you have there!