Why Do We Need Group Healing Nights?

This year promises to be full of changes. The energies themselves are changing so fast. The major theme of the twin years of 2016 and 17 is "random".  The spin off theme of 2017 is "polarization" which marks the distinctions between the old, dying paradigms, and the new, emerging paradigm. We will cover how to deal with the energies that arise, month to month from these conflicts and how to navigate them and how to maximize the potential of this year for huge personal change.

However, with all these strong energetic currants in the collective, I have noticed a lot of you are tired, overwhelmed, getting attacked, hormonal, angry, stuck or asleep. Accordingly, because of the current energetic disturbances, I have had many requests for healings. My healings have grown more powerful though and unless someone needs energetic surgery, it's too much for most people but they do need support and that's how the idea came to me. What if instead of energetic surgery at $300, how about everyone gets a healing in a group setting (more metabolizable and gentle) for way less money and they can get the support they so badly need? Then I realized how much people have been asking me "What's going on in the collective? How can I deal with it? What does it mean for my life? I feel like I'm changing but don't understand how... Help!" and instead of coming in for a session just for that ($200) and me repeating myself, I thought what if I got everybody together to cover what's happening collectively. I then understood that people needed clarity to match the healing so that will be the format. Insight and restoration. 

The overall focus will not only be healing but learning how to heal so you can eventually invoke your own healing and be better at metabolizing healings when they are given to you.


  1. review and forecast energy of month: what's going on?
  2. setting space and intention ritual: smudging will be involved
  3. getting present: settling-in exercise
  4. group healing: lie back and receive while Kate does a group healing with drumming and singing
  5. personal healing: Kate will do a particular healing and tuning in for you
  6. sharing: Kate will tell you any information she was given for you or about you, you get to share your experience
  7. closing: when Kate hits the bell, says have a great month, and turns the lights off after the sharing, it is the end of the night and Kate encourages post-Group Healing discussions and socializing at one of the many local eateries. The doors will close at 9:10 (so we can still catch restaurants and cafes open) so packing light will be a good idea.

Please note: If you want to speak with Kate personally before or after class, it is encouraged to either ask questions and speak up in class or book a session for her undivided attention and privacy. If you want to pick up a new smudge or other product, email Kate in advance and have your payment ready so we do not make our classmates wait for us to do the transaction before the Group Healing. No business of any sort whatsoever will take place after the Group Healing so that you do not ruin the "high" you got from it and because Kate will be knackered after spending so much energy.

What to Bring

Wear clothes that will allow you to be comfy and lie down and be warm and smell of smudge. The class time has been set from 6:30-9 so people will have a chance to eat before and after and so we can keep the focus tight, it is asked that we will not be eating in class or in studio. Tea will still be provided if you forgot your own drink but it is encouraged to bring your own closed container drink so that we don't spend 30 minutes before and after class making, getting, and cleaning up after tea. Part of this year's productive theme will be focus and the Group Healing Nights' format will reflect that.

  • comfortable clothes
  • no food
  • closed container drink
  • notebook and pen

What You Leave with Each Class

  • Clarity about what they have experienced in the last month and what to expect in the following month. Take notes and see how much predicted will come to pass in your life. Take notes of what insights you get for yourself, what ideas it inspires, what insights it illuminates for you.
  • Healing for what has passed and rejuvenation for what is to come. Note what you felt and experienced energetically and see how it plays if out in the month.
  • Personal healing, spirit guidance, and blessing for your own personal challenges. Note what guidance you got, and see how it plays out in the month.
  • Learning how to heal yourself, how healing works, what you can do to improve your ability and skill at healing yourself
  • Ritualized meeting and socializing with your community of kindred spirits. No need to take forever to plan your next social meeting. You can just say "Let's eat after Healing Night!" and you all know when, where and no one has to facilitate.

Registration Details

Date: first Tuesday of month starting Tuesday February 7th through to May 2nd (4 Healings)
Time: 6:30-9pm
Place: IC Learning Studio
Prerequisite: past participation in the Intuition for Life Program and approval from facilitator, alumni are welcome
Facilitator: Kate Opashinov
Cost: (prices including hst and WITH discount by January 22)

  • 4 nights: $565
  • 3 nights: $423.75
  • 2 nights: $282.50

AFTER JAN 22: $150+hst for each night

Register by: e-transfer how many nights by January 22. Credit cards will also be accepted but charged a service fee of 2.65% ($513.25+hst)

Deadline for registration: January 31st but pay $150 for each night instead $125 after Jan 22.


  • February 1st Wednesday
  • March 1st Wednesday
  • April 4th Tuesday
  • May 2nd Tuesday

After the series of four we will discuss whether we'll need another round of four nights.