The themes this year are self-reflection, disconnecting from our fears leading us, reconnecting with our joy and our true nature, and letting go of any sense of certainty. It’s not party like its 1999, but if the whole system is going to crash, if all the delusions and illusions are going to start to melt then what is real to me? What do I want to get in/do/see/try/taste/experience/be before it won’t be possible? It’s not that it won’t be possible, but there will be a sense of urgency this year, like we are all looking at our bucket lists at the same time. This will give us a sense of the sacredness of life and connection again that we haven’t had as a collective in a very long time, not since the early days of the environmental movement, but where that was about valuing our planet, this year there will be an increased focus in the public discourse on the valuing of human lives, specifically dignity and quality of life. Public organization and policy makers will try to establish a new way of evaluating based less on funding amounts or deaths per capita due to illness or starvation etc but more on suffering. The giant machines of our world, economies, health systems, justice systems etc., will start putting a face to the suffering and it will change the way those systems are run. In the past years, we felt that the paradigm was changing and a lot of these old systems had to topple but this year it will become clear that the systems themselves are just constructs that will remain as long as they are useful and that it is the vision behind these systems that needs to topple and they will: they will be transformed.

In the last few years we have seen a rise in the consciousness around our global misogyny, about the war on women and that will continue but not with as much fighting energy. We will have a wellspring of support from loving, secure men who join the movement to end gender hatred that will come from left field to support the collective unconscious of women to end the collective gaslighting. In other words, this boon of support will help women collectively stop second guessing themselves and this will look like a decline in shrill, hysteric defense and instead a more solid response. As a result, the boundaries of women will get firmer. “You cross this line and exactly this will happen.” The warrior woman archetype came into prominence last year. We can see the rise of this archetype in the collective unconscious with the popularity of The Hunger Game, Divergence, and other stories of young warrior women and we can also see it in real life with the growing girls' and women’s movements, and the poster girl for peaceful resistance, Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Maybe young women today don’t want to be called feminists but who cares if they are standing up for human rights and dignity? The younger generation is redefining the old battle of the sexes because it is no longer cute bra burnings. It is gang rape and lynching of girls, burning girls with acid, a massive sex slave trade, the list of atrocities against woman goes on. And fighting this level of darkness head on is not as productive as changing the fight to level the playing field. Women got smart these last few years and realized we can’t fight for inclusivity and equality and then exclude millions of good men who believe in inclusivity and equality as much as we do. So we are finally including them and changing the whole dynamic of the fight from us vs. them, women vs. men, to human equality and dignity vs. archaic barbarism and gender terrorism and that is a game changing move. By naming the darkness accurately, the human equality fighters gained a lot of power.

Same goes for what is happening in the US with the black rights movement. By filming and naming what is happening accurately, the movement is seeing a resurgence that is every bit as powerful as the 60s. This battle has not played out and will not till 2018 when most things get resolved. I see ratifications to the policies or constitution of the US for the black and other visible minority people like the Hispanics in 2018, but before then I see more widespread rioting in 2015. I see a girl or a mother being shot. So far, it has been mostly black men. One young woman was shot. But I see a girl child or mother sparking widespread, multiple city riots and a strong government intervention. So far, Obama doesn’t want to ignite a racial war in the US by appearing biased towards the black population but he will throw caution to the wind and finally speak out strongly in 2015 flexing his political might in a way that will send a subtle shock wave through the white population of America. There will be a call for more white people who are against this racist violence to stand up with their black brothers and sisters. So again we will see that the best way to tackle bullies is to name them accurately and enlist the aid of those who are against bullying.

This is part of a larger arc in our world back towards love. There is a distinct and noticeable lack of love in the world in the last while. Some call it the Great Intimacy Depression. Others, a pandemic of narcissism. Either way, we are going to see love come back into the world first in the way of inclusivity and then mercy. It will take till 2019 for people to hold hands and sing kumbaya. But it’s been a long time since love had force in the world and we have been waiting for a long time for love to grow a set and it finally has. What this will look like in each of our daily lives is that more people will be standing up and speaking out in the workplace and in relationships where there is bullying taking place and not with hysteria, deep down feeling no one will believe you, or with malice hoping to inflict pain as retribution, but calmly with naming and reference to universal standards of fair conduct and treatment. Everyone is going to suddenly have a touch of Malala, of UN speaker in them. This also means that if you’re the bully, you will be forced to take a long look at why you behave the way you do, that it is ok to seek out help and until you see that bullying others= disconnection from others, you will be stuck in your insecurity and loneliness.

We have as a collective been in a major consciousness growth spurt since 2008 where we are all getting forced to look at our material and the big theme that is emerging for the individual is “What makes me really happy?” What do you really want? What’s really important? With so much being challenged and so much coming to an end, with last year full of death, endings, and letting go, it has forced us all to reconsider what really gives our lives meaning.

In 2015 we will start to wake up to the preciousness of our lives, our time here, our connections, the trust that we have with people, and all that’s beautiful and good. Sacredness will be an emerging theme. Preservation and conservation will extend past the physical fields of the environment, resources, buildings or art into the human factor. The dialogue around workers as human resources to be invested in has already begun on a wide scale but last year it was about human rights. This year it will be about how being good to people will produce better results for all. Companies like Costco vs. Walmart are an example of this already but this will become a sweeping tread even to poorer corners of the world where the conversion of profit-above-all-else mentality into humans-before-all-else-is-profitable mentality. This will blend with the emerging sentiment of education as sacred, children as sacred, womanhood as sacred.

We are already starting to see this theme of sacred in the movement towards scaling down our overblown North American lifestyles with smaller homes, less stuff, more working from home or living off the grid altogether. We will be called back to the land. Many in the coming years will be abandoning old ideas of security like the job-commute-city-mortgage lifestyle in favor of what feels real. Inundated with information and “experts” people will start to trust their instincts, what feels real to them, and what they want, in other words, their heart.

This isn’t a 60’s touchy-feely redux though; in that it does not have at its core innocence. It is the beginning of wisdom in our collective consciousness, the beginning of a true sense of responsibility tethered to a sense of sacredness. So far as a collective our sense of responsibility has been about duty and barely even about accountability, the emphasis being on profit. It was "responsible = contributing to the economic system". If you were decent, kind, hard working, but independent from the system, like living off the grid for instance, or not interested in making money, society would label you as irresponsible, a dreamer, flaky. The idea that responsibility means being fully accountable for the space you take up, the resources you use, the waste you leave and not just environmentally but psychologically, emotionally, energetically will finally come of age this year. People will make up neat acronyms and systems of evaluation and units of measurement for it, but basically this will become woven into our collective consciousness, this new idea of responsibility. So the post-war idea of the “suit” career and attendant marriage-mortgage-offspring-debt-die consumer lifestyle is going the way of the dinosaur. It will take more than 2015 but in several years ostentatious wealth and status symbols will not be wholesale embraced as they have been in our bling-bling obsessed culture of late. Give it about five years and much of what is fashionable right now in our collective from luxury cars and hand bags to elitist attitudes and celebutard culture will look as ludicrous and rabidly insecure as Hummers do now.

The younger generations have embraced geek culture in depth and breadth and we will see fresh ideas and cooperative attitude being the new markers of cool collective-wide. Reality shows will undergo a transformation and although there will always be a market for the lowest common denominator, intelligence will reemerge as culturally valued, after being in shamed and shoved into the the shadows for far too long.  By contrast, competition shows will actually be about finding solutions, and gleefully reveling in other’s socio-economic disempowerment will be seen as another form of “hating” or bullying, so goodbye HoneyBooBoo. But these are trends that will take several years to play out.

For now, most of us will feel and have already started to feel the big themes of this year brewing of “What do I want? What really makes me happy? Where do I really want to be? Why/how can I have worked so hard and feel like I have so little to show for it? Screw it- the system is broken. I’m outta here.” Where that “outta here” will be for you, will be your journey this year. It might be metaphorical: leaving an old way of thinking behind, an outdated personal belief, or even dysfunctional family dynamics and old roles. Or it could be literally leaving a job, a career, a relationship, your home, or the country. Last year was about letting go through death, dying, breaking up, and suffering. This year is about letting go through detaching from our fears and even our old dreams, and letting ourselves go back to a tabula rasa state of being, perfect for evaluating, taking stock, and reinventing ourselves and our lives. What we fought kicking and screaming last year, this year we are going to shrug our shoulders and embody one of my favorite mantras “If it doesn’t flow, let it go.” For those that continue to resist all the signs pointing to let go, they will experience more of the 2014 energy of death, illness, dying, getting fired, conflict, whatever it takes until they wake up.

If however, you have finally surrendered to the signs to let go, rebirth awaits you. Happiness is our new northern star and our hearts our compasses. It will be a transformative year full of letting go’s, searching, exploring, trying new things, new beginnings, and even mistakes and changing-our-mind moments, but one overriding feeling will be “Whatever. Better this than that old that!” pointing backwards to the past. There will be a distinct lack of nostalgia. We are not leaving better times behind us. We have better times ahead of us. We may not have sureness or security in 2015, but the time is ripe for change, freshness, cooperation, and trying new things. Like coming out of our terrible teens, this is our freshman year where we get to try a whole bunch of things before we choose our major, before we decide who we want to be, where we want to be, and what is important to us. Don’t look for sureness in 2015 or you will be frustrated and scared all year. Instead, embrace it for the exciting period of self-exploration and rebirth that it can be for you.

Happy 2015,