Kate has taught thousands of students from all walks of life, of all ages drawn to her sense of humor, animated teaching style, and emphasis on accessibility, inclusion, and applicability. Summarizing her teaching approach, she says,

If a principle or technique or anything we learn doesn’t do the heavy lifting for us in our lives, then what good is it? It’s just dogma. Throw it out. I teach what I have already tested out and have found to work for me, for my clients, and now for my students. Forget woowoo. Intuition, mindfulness, manifestation, these are all very real things, that when taught with precision, clarity, and discernment have very real applicability and benefits for the student. Fuzzy new age is over. It’s time to get our “spirituality” to be more concrete.

People often take all her classes and then take them again, buy her cds, and tell their friends, because they find her teaching delivers what it promises: if you apply her techniques, they work, and it makes your life easier and better.

After years of student requests, Kate founded her school Intuitive Centre in 2007 which houses both a comprehensive personal development four-year program, intro classes, learning cds and other products, and now a new clinic for other healers and those in the wellness field.

After 16 years of practice, she is now transitioning her career to include being an author. She is also currently in the process of converting her popular intro classes into free learning webinars and taking her four year program online so her international fans can access her teaching online. She looks forward to publishing her first book, to start doing conferences, and creating a Greek Island retreat centre.


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